What we are missing when someone we love leaves

Almost each of us experienced separation at least once in our life. It is not always falling apart with the boyfriend, stopping communication with friends and family is no less painful for us. I belong to the type of people who develop strong relationships and like to lead a settled way of life. My life has developed in such a way that almost constantly I moved from place to place. I can not say that this moving was easy for me, but I could not avoid them. At first, I had to move because of the work of my parents, then I went to college and moved to another state, later because of my work, I again had to change my place of living.

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The last time I moved after the divorce. Naturally, every move I made meant breaking up relations with someone close and important to me. The break after the divorce was one of the most difficult. Even now, being in a state of so-called dating, I periodically experience parting. Without them, our life is not possible and they make us who we are.

Each person reacts differently to parting with a loved one. Some do not show their true feelings, others on the contrary can not restrain themselves. Regardless of the reaction, each of us experiences a similar sense of loss and sadness.

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Recently I thought about what we really miss so much after parting. Are we really so attached to each other that we so miss our friend or partner. After much thought, I came to the conclusion that everything is much more complicated than it seems at first glance. In fact, parting with someone we do not miss a person and all those wonderful moments that you spent together. Most of all we yearn for ourselves reflected in these people and about how special we were being with these people.

After the divorce, I had a relationship that left me completely broken. For a long time, I cried at night, holding a pillow, which still smelled like he was here. Months passed, but I still sometimes remembered about this breakout. Our favorite song or some special thing in the house again and again pushed me to think about it. I can not say that I miss this man. Rather, I miss that happy woman whom he made me, the immense feeling of joy that I felt next to him. I miss the person I became loving him.





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