What It’s Like To Sleep With Your Partner And What The Reality Is

Let’s face it, sleeping with the one you love gets quite difficult esp if you are prone to sleeping awkward. Think of all those times, you had to sneak out of the room to sleep on the couch. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?  These illustrations and memes will bring back those awkward memories of your first night out. And if not, these memes might turn fruitful for a night out you are planning. Make sure, you have enough of leg room under the blanket. If not snatch it and sleep!

Just in case, the night out gets weird, You know the know how’s of being a lover!

You give me love, I’ll give you.. umm


Easy bargain.. eh?


Damn it, cut these ugly nails.


Waking up is a tough affair. Especially, after those good night kisses.


Click..click, while he sleeps.


And, Sam’s snoring crazy.


Victory is mine.


You might expect things to be like this.


Your mornings will definitely be like this.


And if he won’t learn to fall in love with your weird habits of sprawling like a dead fish, go raid the bed like you always do. Don’t let him sleep. Comment below and share if you have more such sleeping habits. Do not forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.






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