Top 10 tips for changing yourself that the whole world will notice

Fashion is an important part of today’s world. It dictates the rules of style, which make its owner feel unique but fashion trends eventually go away because they change every season. That is why every woman needs to have her own personal style as it reflects her mood and character. Although not every woman has her own sense of style. In this article, we will show you the main basic rules for women to follow, as they always want to look out for competition. Knowledge of how to look unbeatable in any situation is a need to know for every young girl and mature woman. We would like to share 10 rules for how to become a real woman in a modern world with you. Be yourself, love yourself and always treat yourself as a true woman. Your changes will be noticed by the whole world!

#1. Do not tell anyone your age A woman is as old as she feels.

#2. Do not hide your beautiful legs Choose the right clothes that will enhance your slim legs.

#3. Do not wear large bags Your bag should be elegant and small.

#4. Increase your height visually if you need to If you are short you should wear high heels. You may also choose ankle length pants as they visually lengthen your legs.

#5. Do not get nail extensions Long colored nails are a sign of bad taste. You should care for your nails and cover them with light nail polish.

#6. Wear the properly fitted jeans The classic cut and dark color are the main rules for wearing jeans.

#7. Get a basic wardrobe Well-fitting jeans, a white shirt, little black dress, classic black pants, a black and white turtleneck, white shirt, beige cashmere coat and pumps. This is the minimum that you should have.

#8. Don’t overdo the makeup Try to look as natural as possible: a colorless, mattifying face powder, nude or soft pink lipstick, blush in soft caramel colours and mascara

#9. Do not wear vulgar clothes Throw away all your useless clothes such as sleeveless tops, clothing with leopard prints and clothes with rhinestones.

#10. Love yourself! Never skimp on beautiful clothes, good makeup and a nice perfume. Don’t be afraid to be beautiful!





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