The best relationship is when your lover and best friend are the same person

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Today we want to talk about the beauty of love, which can be revealed in romantic relations. In modern cinic world we don’t have time to take a minute and to appreciate our beloved one. The reason you two are still together is because you are friends and lovers at the same time. Is that right? The basic of long-lasting and grounded relations are in friendship. Recall the day you have met your boyfriend or husband for the very first time. Probably, you liked the way he was looking, but everything has started from friendly talks and advices. Love is not only about passion. If you want to have something like a short affair, than you should not care about “rooting” into one another and being really close emotionally. However, if your are searching something more important than new emotions, make sure your lover is your good friend as well.

Today we have prepared some quotes that make you think about relations. Check them out and make sure to leave your comments for us. We really appreciate your feedback.

– You know that someone is your life partner, when this person keeps loving you, even knowing that you are not perfect. – If you don’t want to share someone’s struggles, than why should you share their joys?

– Everyone deserves to be someone’s best thing ever. – It is impossible to become tired of love. One can just become tired of waiting, saying sorry, and being hurt.

– The best feeling in the world is being important to someone.

– Sometimes love comes after mistakes, so don’t be afraid to make them.

– Men should date his girlfriend regularly, especially after they got married.

– Make sure to marry your best friend and you will be happy!

– One woman is enough for the real man.






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