How Your Partner Kisses You Reveals This About Your Relationship!! 7 Types of Kisses You Must Know!

When someone says the word ‘KISS’, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Umm…your loved one, boyfriend, ex, girlfriend or spouse, it can be anything. I guess all of you find kiss as the easiest ways to express your love and affection towards your partner.

Kiss tends to be the most expressive way a person can use to show his or her emotions. Well, it has to be as it is considered the most important phase in romance and relationship. But have you ever thought that the deep and intense kisses have specific meanings?

Well, know your kiss type and have a meaningful kiss.

1. Cheek Kiss

This is the basic form of the kiss and it depicts purely affection. This form of the kiss can be between friends, couples and even between parents and child. It is a gesture that you like someone as a person.

2. Earlobe Kiss

Earlobe kiss is a very romantic kiss in a relationship. It is thought to be a sexual gesture that takes place between two people who are attracted and close to each other.

3. Eskimo Kiss

Eskimo kiss is represented by rubbing the nose against each other back and forth. This is another level of showing true affection and happens between like partners or parents and child. If this happens between partners then it shows serious attraction.

4. French Kiss

French kiss is like a reserved kiss, the one which you save for a special one and it tends to be for partners only. This kiss has its technique to perform and is actually the first intimate step that confirms your seriousness for a relation.

5. Forehead Kiss

This kiss simply implies that you trust and like another person very much. It can be as a friendship gesture or a start of romantic relation. Even elderly people can give this kiss as a part of their blessings. And if it is the partner who kisses you on the forehead then it means that he cares too much about you.

6. Surprise Kiss

As the name suggests it is an unexpected kiss. It can happen only if the person is comfortable to you. Surprise kiss can be even impulsive when one finds the other appealing at the moment.

7. Light and Lightening Kiss

Light kiss is different from French one as it is neither impulsive nor rushed one. It shows true love and care and the people involved in this kiss carry a lot of attraction for each other.



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