9 Things You Should Never Tell Your Man!!!

Being honest with your partner is very important, we are not going to deny it. But there are some things that you would be better off keeping to yourself.

And today we will have a closer look at what these things may be. To be totally honest and to be wise can become absolutely different thigs. Of course, we are not giving you the advice to lie to your partner. God save, no! But, to maintain the safety of your relationship, you have to know which little, not so important things can make your lover nervous and suspicious. You both don’t want that happen, right? So, below you can find 9 situations when – as proven – you should keep your thoughts inside your head.

#1. Be patient Very often it happens that his taste in clothes leaves, let’s put it in a mild way, a lot to be desired. In no case you should tell him about this straight away. Try buying him new clothes and changing his wardrobe slowly

#2. Don’t tell him all about your previous sins We all go through difficult times and make mistakes we regret later, but letting your current boyfriend know about your previous sins is not a very wise decision.

#3. Don’t share secrets of other people Sharing your besties secrets with your partner is also not a nice thing especially if your girlfriend has had a slip up of two.

#4. To make him jealous is not a good way One of his friends hit on you? Should you tell him straight away about it? Absolutely not, unless it happens over and over again.

#5. Avoid comparison Do not try to compare your boyfriend to someone else, especially if that someone else has noticeable benefits over your partner.

#6. Don’t try to find a male friend to your partner There is that cool guy at the office and you think that it would be a nice idea for your partner to get acquainted with him. Forget about this the minute such a thought comes into your head. Your boyfriend will understand it in a completely different way and the outcome may be grim.

#7. Don’t complain about his parents How often does it happen that his mom is a b*? well, do not rush to tell him that. He most likely already knows it, but who knows, right? Just go and talk to your bff about that, the relief will be the same

#8. Never underestimate your partner

Do not underestimate your partner in anything. Even if he is bad at something your support will only help him get better at it. That is the best way out, trust us!

#9. The topic of sex is a very dangerous area Sometimes our sexual needs do not coincide. But instead of blaming your partner for being bad in bed, try to talk to him and describe what it is that you would like to do together in bed. Not only will you avoid damaging his pride but you will also teach him how you can open new horizons together.

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