6 Places Your Girlfriend Wants You to Kiss—Besides Her Lips

We know you find her luscious lips very hard to resist, but you are making her to lose interest in love-making sessions with you by doing this repeatedly. Women like kissing because it is an emotionally int!mate act and it make them feel special. Kiss is also the best way to get closer to them, but your habit of attacking her mouth every time, make her feel irritated. You need to be extra playful during your making out sessions and try out new places to make them feel ecstatic. Here in this post we are sharing about some places that your girl wants you to explore for kissing. Have a look.


Back is that portion of body where all the nerves for the g*nitals originate. Kissing on back followed by massaging and nibbling is a great way to make her feel closer to you. It is an int*mating and $exy gesture that makes a woman feel hot without much afford.

Nape Of The Neck:


You know she want you to start kissing at her back. Lift her hair and start kissing gently in hairline area right down to the collar bone.

#3. Forehead Kisses.


You may not find a better place than this to build a confidence in her. It might not be a thing to do in bedroom, but this surely make her to fall for you. She will appreciate this kiss more if you pull her close and kiss her while your hands around her neck.

#4. Fingers


With lot of nerve ending here, finger tips are very sensitive to anything from pecks to suck. When you kiss and suck her finger, she gets an idea of your intention. She actually loves this. So, give her an idea of how you want to do it.

#5. Bre*st


This is might be the thing that should never be ignored. S*cking her bre*st (more clearly, s*cking her n*pples) releases the oxytocin hormones. This hormone is also called as ‘love hormone,’ because it makes her more bonded in a relationship with you. N*p*le stimulation also send a signal to make her rest of the body more sensitive.

#6. Ears.


Her lips are very sensitive due to some extra sensitive nerve ending in that area. Besides licking and s*cking, she is also very sensitive to auditory stimulation in that area. So, while licking her ear be sure to whisper something in her ears.

Source: Candy Reader

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