5 Surprising Reasons You’d Never Become Her Boyfriend

Your eyes meet, a guitar strums in your heart and then she smiles. You think you have a chance, so you go and talk to her, but 3 years down the lane, bamn! she is still your friend! Wonder why? Guys approach girls but many times, they end up being friendzoned or their “brothers”. Here are few reasons which guys are quite unaware about:

Lack of self confidence.


If you have low self confidence, you won’t ever be able to take a stand against what’t bothering you, nor you would be able to handle tough situations with ease. You are going to be so unsure that you’d be unable to take any strong decisions. This is a complete turn off for most women.



In spite of having lack of self esteem, you can tend to have arrogance. It could kill the feelings which girls have initially as rudeness can be your worst enemy. Respect and politeness is a jewel to woman and she would be disappointed if you don’t treat her with respect.

You look too shabby.


Guys can be too proud about their long hair and messy beard, while it might look attractive for a change, but on a regular basis, a girl prefers looking at a neat and decent man. If you are well-groomed, along with a fit body, she will of course be attracted to you.

Are you self-obsessed?


Being self-sufficient is one thing and being self-obsessed is another. Don’t keep bragging about your traits to people around you as frankly speaking, they aren’t that interested! If you take a look at the world around you, you’d figure out how to be selfless instead.

Having a dull lifestyle.


Watching situational comedies all day long is not entertaining! If the guy indulges in sports and several other activities throughout the day, it would be intriguing as it proves that you are an interesting man with different interests cultivated in you.

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