5 Signs That Prove You Are Dating A Keeper

It is known that parents and close friends can actually determine or measure whether you are with the right person when you’re in a relationship. Your closest friends and family members have a pretty good idea of who you are, so they might know you better than you know yourself.

Here are 5 signs to prove that you are in a healthy relationship and of course with the right person:

  1. You make decisions jointly

In this case, no one calls the shots. Everyone has a fair share in the relationship. You basically make decisions together. So if this is what happens in your relationship, then you are in the right path

  1. You trust each other

It is said that healthy relationships are essentially built on trust and a commitment to communication without reservations or secrets.

  1. You fight

This doesn’t mean you argue harshly. Howver, if you argue, it’s basically a sign that you both have your own opinions and are strong enough to stick to them. This is actually a good thind

  1. You are all in

If both of you are all in, then the relationship is on the right track. There’s no such thing as being in a ‘part-time’ relationship. It’s either you are in or out!

  1. You respect each other

If you not only respect your partner, but also respect his/her private space, that’s good. There is absolutely no reason to be snooping around and being suspicious about something

Source: Youth Village

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