10 things men actually find attractive in women

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Men like women with perfect bodies and beautiful faces. But, ladies, there are some things much more important than appearance. Trust me, if a woman is silly, has bad habits and stuff like that, no man will want to start a family with her. Today we’ll tell you about 10 things which attract men more than the appearance of a Barbie doll. You’ll be surprised!

Women Who Play Computer Games

A man will adore a woman who likes computer games. Especially if she plays them with him. So, if you are not a fan of computer games, maybe it’s time to start playing!?

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We all know that girls like guys who can play the guitar. But did you know that men like women who play the guitar? You don’t need to be a professional. A couple of simple chords will do the trick and impress him.

Women Who Make the First Move

As a rule, girls wait for the boys to make the first step. But men actually like it when women make the first move towards a relationship. It makes them feel wanted and loved.

Drinking Pints

Everybody knows that alcohol is harmful to our skin, hair and health in general. But if you drink with him, he feels that you trust him. Besides, he will understand that you are not afraid to be yourself. That doesn’t mean that you should get ragingly drunk, though.

A Couple of Foul Words

Generally, girls don’t like it when their man uses ugly language. But men like women with a bit of a filthy mouth. They will perceive you not only as their woman but also as their friend. They will also feel comfortable with you. But don`t cross the line. A couple of foul words in a suitable situation will be enough.

Not Being Hooked to Social Media

Nowadays, we all are fond of social media and can’t imagine our life without it. But you should know that men prefer face to face chemistry and live communication. They don’t like it when their woman focuses all her attention on her phone or computer, surfing the Internet or chatting on Facebook.


You won’t believe it, but men are really attracted by women’s teeth. The first thing they notice when you smile are your teeth. So, take care of your teeth and you’ll attract men all around with your charming and bright smile.

Don’t Be in a Hurry to Dress Up

Men find it attractive when women don’t dress up and leave right after a night with them, but lay in bed and are willing to talk. So, just hug them and talk for a little while.

Don’t Try to Be Sexy

Being sexy is great. But not all the time. Trust me, when he sees you in a baggy sweatshirt, wearing a topknot, he will fall in love with you even more. So, be sexy on special days and wear what you want the rest of the time.


Smudged Makeup

Do you still think that he likes you only when you’re wearing perfect makeup? You should know that he prefers to see his woman as she is, natural and beautiful. Smudged makeup won`t spoil your relationship. On the contrary, he will see that you are a simple girl and will love you even more.






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